Our mission is to help organizations raise needed dollars that will:
BenefitBar was created with one goal, as well as one mission. Our goal is to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service and to utilize our Patent Pending/Copyright business model that will help organizations raise needed dollars
BenefitBar will also enhance communication with people you care about.
help feed a family that is hungry
clothe children who are cold
build buildings and homes that are needed
repair buildings and homes in need of repair
provide funding for social services
and be part of the efforts to cure a disease

There are a number of dedicated and talented team members of BenefitBar, all having unique abilities that add to the success of BenefitBar.. The common denominator with all team members is that everyone sincerely cares and is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to have our mission statement come true every day. Please read below to learn more about the original team members of BenefitBar: