Activate Your Identity Theft Monitoring, Restoration, Black Market Internet Surveillance, $25,000.00 Fraud Expense Reimbursement and more.

• Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System
You get 24/7/365 proactive identity notification and monitoring protection. The system constantly monitors your identity through thousands of public and private data sources covering billions of records and alerts you of possible threats to your identity.

• Criminal Identity Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System
Quarterly monitoring of nationwide criminal and law enforcement action databases looking for criminals using your personal information to commit crimes in your name.

• Fully Managed Identity Restoration and Recovery Service
Our team of recovery specialists will assist you in bringing your identity back to pre-victim status.

• Black Market Internet Monitoring
Identity theft monitoring of the Internet for misuse of your information on black market internet sites, hacker forums, social media pages, and internet chat areas.

• Get Less Postal Junk Mail
Removes your name from junk mail lists and information databases to keep your personal information safe and reduce your junk mail.

• Free Credit Report Reminder Service
Helps save you money by reminding and assisting you in retrieving your free credit reports from the credit bureaus.

• Criminal Identity Theft Background Report
Get an electronic nationwide criminal background check report to find out if criminals have already used your identity to commit crimes.

• $25,000.00 Fraud Expense Reimbursement
A zero-deductible policy covers you against certain losses incurred through an identity theft incident.

• Lost Wallet Service
If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, we will help you identity your lost cards and documents and get them canceled and replaced before a thief steals your identity.

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